With over a decade of Tax and Business experience we offer a 1Stop Solution to all your Tax and Business Needs. Our knowledge of rules and regulations can help you avoid costly mistakes.



Our Services include Long Forms, 1040 Short Forms, Extensions, Back Tax Filings, Second Look Reviews, Free E-filing, Tax Id Applications, Bookkeeping Services and so much more! This tax season the buzz is all about e-filing.

By sending in your taxes electronically, you jump ahead of the line when it comes to processing those returns. E-filing ensures that your tax returns are filed the fastest way possible, and arrive in a format that is fast and easy to process.

Which means: QUICK REFUNDS!

Not only will you be getting your tax returns filed into the IRS and your state quickly, e-filing allows for speedy refund delivery also. Typical mailed in returns can take an additional 16 – 25 days after the IRS accepts and processes your return before you get a refund check.